Atlassian Design System

I joined Atlassian at the start of their journey to define the new visual language across both brand and product. We had two previous versions of the design system. ADG 1 (Atlassian Design Guidelines #1) did a great job modernizing and harmonizing our product design across all products. ADG 2 (Atlassian Design Guidelines #2) was all about aligning our design language across marketing and our products. But our current ADG (later named ADG3) and brand is lacking warmth, humanity, differentiation and modernity.

From the beginning, we knew that creating the new design system would mean combining all the things. We needed a complete brand experience, one that held true across anything from billboards to in-product buttons. This meant that all of our foundational elements had to reflect our brand personality (bold, optimistic, and practical with a wink) where appropriate. We also needed to talk about the real work of teamsby telling the story of how we enable our customers' teams to do great things. This meant talking about the inherent messiness in team building and how we build simple tools to help teams focus on their work.