Take sick days


This is a blog cover talking about taking proper sick days by Alex Reardon. I remember when he first spoke about this during morning team coffee after he returned from his long break. He spoke about the pressure to be at your best even though you may be sick. I resonated with the things he said, because it does comes at the cost of your mental health, self worth, physical health and in turn forms destructive habits overtime if you don’t care of yourself. It’s tough when you want to make great things, but your own health should be always be first. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 10.34.15 AM.png

I have a really bad habit to throw away my post-it notes, but this time I've kept them to show my process. I write a lot of words. Things that I want to thread across the illustration or elements that I believe should be added when I start on the sketch. Then I draw out some quick thumbnails to see what the general layout could be like. I don't usually go straight to digital because I don't want to marry the first idea I have, and sometimes you get so consumed by what you've done on the computer that it's hard to let go.