Visuals for an internal Atlassian blog post about my five learnings at Semi Permanent 2017.


1. Patience and persistence

We’re blessed with many design tools like Illustrator, Photoshop and Sketch, but we get caught up and become too dependent on them. Honing your craft is important, however designing with purpose elevates reason and a need for change. It will require patience and persistence but embracing this at the start will ignite that motivation to help spark an idea. 


2. Designing for humans in a digital world 

In a world that runs on technology, designers strive to expose our feelings, thoughts and emotions. Some of the best apps, websites and experiences have been catered to invoke an emotional response from the audience. Audio, visual and VR capability are all available at our fingertips — the crux of it all is the power of interactivity. Sometimes it’s all usable experiences, but that’s the easy route — truly powerful responses come from creating a vision that is memorable, inspiring and meaningful. This can lift even the simplest of experiences into ones people will remember. 


3. Think differently

The world is shifting constantly and perspectives are running wild, meaning the right answer can sometimes get lost in the mix of things. Staying curious will fuel your fire and bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. You’re not just a passenger observing the world around you, rather a participant who challenges the world and creates their own path. Know when to break the rules and begin to think differently. 


4. Life is messy and nothing fits in a perfect box

Creators, designers and thinkers are constantly looking for the simple solution but the majority of the time, we work with what we’ve got. True problem solving is the ability to cut through the noise and distill what needs to be known. The solution is rarely clean cut — rather it’s a mess of hard work, luck and a few droplets of insanity. Behind every great project that’s shared is more rejection, failure and sweat than the author would care to reveal.


5. Pencil and pen are the foundations to all things

Drawing will become your bread and butter even if you’re not good at it, so start getting your hands dirty and illustrating your ideas. With social media inevitably playing some role in our self-perception, it’s easy to rack up likes without actually accomplishing anything. Quickly scribbling and sketching ideas that make sense to you will help in the true longevity.